My Precious Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Precious Forever Bloom and Glow

Hey Everyone!! 👋🏽

Finally it is here…… !!

I’m still amazed & unsure about how thoughts of this came to my mind, writing has always been a no no for me and not even in my wildest dreams have I thought I’d be writing my first blog post. Okay let me give you some background about me and what led me to hop on this journey.

I was particularly into social media network -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram just for interactions and thoughts, as I feel bored having to go through the stress of reading or writing long epistles on blog and publishing networks until earlier in July when I met some cool people most of which are into digital marketing, content curation and blogging at a Google Digital Skills Africa Training – Grow with Google advanced learning lab Lagos Nigeria.

I got struck by their distinct way of putting words and expression together in writing , then I thought this would be a great way to share my going ons…. The journey to unfold the other much more expressive part of me and social media had begun… This desire to create an online journal of my own feels kinda weird, but like a mentor said live your life and make the most interesting memories of it, life is too precious!!

I live in Lagos with my parents and Osogbo sometimes to lounge, I cannot forget my cool friends and family who are always there and well appreciated. Anyone who knows me, know that I’m always everywhere for a good cause tho.

I have a tight schedule …The thought of using my spare time to sit and figure out all this blogger stuff was kind of unthinkable. I’ll spare you the ‘I am this and that’ story of my life – I’m sure there will be plenty of that later. The reality is that I’m super duper excited that something interesting is about to happen in my life, relationship, career and want to document it in some way. 

I love good food. I’ll be able to share with you some catering practicals if I get to cook and not burn the house, but most times I eat out and will share thoughts on that as well.

I’m looking to switch careers to the Digital World, and very much available with my Tech Zealot title. If I have any tips, tricks or great new products to shout about, I’ll be sure to share those too!

I hope that my blog brings courage, fun read and positive energy.


Kelechi xxx

Published by Kelechi Precious Nwachukwu

Project Manager | Accountant | Tech Zealot | Google Digital Skills | Visual Story Teller

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